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  1. According to Holy Scriptures - {PDF Copy} - (Paul introduces his ministry to the church in Rome and begins his exposition of the Gospel by identifying Christ’s qualifications to be the Messiah)
  2. Paul's Gospel - {PDF Copy} - (In Romans, Paul presents his gospel from humanity's plight due to sin to the resurrection of the dead and the New Creation)
  3. Both Jews and Greeks - {PDF Copy} - (The equality of Jews and Gentiles before God is pivotal to Romans. Members of either group stand or fall before Him on the same basis)
  4. From Faith for Faith - {PDF Copy} - (Men are not set right before God from the works of the law but from the faith of Jesus Christ)
  5. The Faithfulness of God - {PDF Copy} - (The “righteousness of God” refers to His faithfulness to His promises, which is demonstrated in the salvation He has provided in Jesus)
  6. Salvation Revealed - {PDF Copy} - (Paul presents his gospel to the assemblies of Rome, a message about God’s righteousness and wrath for all men)
  7. Day of Wrath - {PDF Copy} - (According to Paul, the Day of Wrath is coming when the wicked will pay the ultimate price for their disobedience to God – Romans 2:5)
  8. Plight to Solution - {PDF Copy} - (In Romans, Paul argues from plight to solution as he presents his gospel to the churches of Rome, a message for both Jews and Greeks)
  9. The Works of the Law - {PDF Copy} - (In Paul’s letters, references to justification by “works” have a specific category of works in view – the works of the law)
  10. The Faith of Jesus - (Men are not acquitted before God from the works of the Law but through the faithfulness of Jesus Christ – Romans 3:21-26) -{PDF Copy}
  11. Salvation for All - {PDF Copy} - (The Gospel of the Kingdom announced by Jesus of Nazareth offers salvation and life to men and women of every nation and people)
  12. Abraham's Seed - {PDF Copy} - (Jesus is the promised Seed of Abraham, the heir of the covenant promises, and receipt of the inheritance is based on faith in Him)
  13. The Faith of Abraham - {PDF Copy} - (The faith of uncircumcised Abraham provides an example for Jewish and Gentile believers who live from the faith of Jesus – Romans 4:11-17)
  14. The Inheritance of Abraham - {PDF Copy} - (Believers are the heirs of Abraham, and the possession of their inheritance is secured by possession of the Gift of the Spirit)
  15. Coheirs with Jesus - {PDF Copy} - (The covenant with Abraham is fulfilled in Jesus, his seed and heir, including the promise of land – Romans 8:1-23)
  16. Message and Mission - {PDF Copy} - (Jesus summoned his disciples to proclaim the Good News of his Kingdom to every inhabited corner of the Earth)
  17. The Redemption of our Body - {PDF Copy} - (Paul links the bodily resurrection of believers to the New Creation, and both events are part of the promised redemption – Romans 8:1-23)
  18. The Arrival of the Spirit - {PDF Copy} - (The Gift of the Spirit is part of the New Covenant, and the first fruits of the New Creation and the gathering of the nations)
  19. If God is for us... - {PDF Copy} - (Paul summarizes what God did for believers in Jesus and prepares for his explanation of the status of the Jewish people – Romans 8:18-39)
  20. Salvation and Resurrection - {PDF Copy} - (Central to the future hope of the Apostolic Faith is the bodily resurrection of the dead when Jesus arrives to gather his saints)
  21. Food and Calendars - {PDF Copy} - (Paul argues for tolerance in the church on food regulations and observing holy days since the shadows find their fulfillment in Jesus)
  22. Governing Authorities - {PDF Copy} - (Paul instructs believers living in the Roman Empire not to resist the government since its existence and authority are arranged by God)
  23. An Incomplete Salvation - {PDF Copy} - (Central to the hope of the apostolic church was the bodily resurrection of the dead at the end of the age when Jesus returns)
  24. Spirit and Resurrection - {PDF Copy} - (The Gift of the Spirit is the First Fruits of the bodily resurrection and a foretaste of the promised New Creation)
  25. The Neronian Problem - {PDF Copy} - (God allows evil rulers to govern nations and uses them to accomplish His purposes, and He summons believers to show them due respect)
  26. A Female Apostle - {PDF Copy} - (It is unclear whether Paul’s reference to a Junias who was of note among the apostles was a man or a woman)
  27. Now Made Manifest - {PDF Copy} - (The mysteries of God previously hidden are revealed in Jesus of Nazareth, and especially in his death and resurrection)

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[Rome Photo by Nicole Reyes on Unsplash]