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Light and Life

Jesus is the only true Light in the World that shines all the brighter in the darkness, and his light means life for the World .  According to the Apostle John, “ life ” is found in the “ Word ” or “ Logos ,” and that life is the “ Light of men .” At present, it is “ shining in the darkness ,” and the darkness “ cannot seize ” or suppress it. This same “ Word ” has become the living word in Jesus of Nazareth. In him, the glory and life of God are fully manifested.

Now Made Manifest

The Bible speaks of the “ mysteries ” of God, His ways that are hidden from this world’s “wisdom” and defy human expectations. In his teachings, Jesus declared that not everyone can understand the “ mysteries of the kingdom .” It is God who reveals the deep and obscure things to whomever He pleases, and in His Son, He has done so for all the world to see. In the death and resurrection of the Nazarene, God has disclosed His true nature and the salvation that He now offers to all men and women.