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Showing posts with label His Priesthood. Show all posts
Showing posts with label His Priesthood. Show all posts

18 May 2023

Well-Qualified High Priest

The priesthood of Jesus is a key subject of Hebrews. He became the “merciful and faithful high priest” who now intercedes for “his brethren.” This is anticipated in the opening paragraph, including the uniqueness of his priesthood, by declaring that he “achieved the purification of sins,” and then afterward, he “sat down” in God’s presence.

25 March 2023

Change of Law

The new priesthood after the order of Melchizedek inaugurated in Jesus means a CHANGE OF LAW. The letter to the Hebrews is structured around comparisons that demonstrate the superiority of the “word spoken in the Son” over past revelations “spoken in the prophets,” including Moses. Jesus surpasses even the Great Lawgiver.

24 March 2023

Let Us Draw Near

Disciples must hold fast to their confession and approach Jesus in boldness, especially in times of great need. After urging believers to enter God’s “rest,” the section concludes with a description of the powerful word of God, then returns to the subject of Christ’s priesthood. Believers must strive to enter His “rest” while the opportunity remains - “TODAY, hearken to His voice.”

28 January 2022

Purification of Sins

A key point of the opening paragraph of the letter to Hebrews is the accomplishment of the Son on behalf of his people, and his exalted position where he sits at the “right hand” of God ministering as their High Priest “forevermore.” He alone secured what none of his predecessors were able to achieve.

24 September 2021

Exaltation of the Son

A key theme in the letter to the Hebrews is the elevation of the “Son” as the result of his obedient death. In his sufferings, he was “perfected,” and in his resurrection, God vindicated him and elevated him to “sit down” at the “right hand of the Majesty on high,” where he intercedes on behalf of his “brethren.”

Incomparable New Covenant

Jesus inaugurated the vastly superior new covenant in his death, rendering the old one obsoleteThe “word” that God now speaks “in the Son” surpasses all the past revelations made in “the prophets.” Jesus went beyond them, “having achieved the purification of sins.” Consequently, he “sat down” at the right hand of God and inherited “all things.”

23 September 2021

Priest Forever

The letter to the Hebrews is built on a series of comparisons that demonstrate the supremacy of the “word spoken in” Christ over all past revelations “spoken in the prophets.” The former “words” were true but partial and preparatory. But now, “upon the last of these days,” God has “spoken” with great finality in one who is a “Son.”

21 September 2021

Merciful High Priest

Having established his qualifications, Hebrews next presents Jesus as the high priest who intercedes faithfully for his people. He participated fully in the nature and sufferings common to all men, and therefore, his priestly ministry for his “brethren” is characterized by faithfulness, empathy, and compassion.

12 September 2021

Upon These Last Days

God has spoken His superior “word” in His son, Jesus - “upon the end of these days.” This last clause refers to the end of the period epitomized by the Levitical code with its priesthood and animal sacrifices centered in the Tabernacle, and later, in Jerusalem. With the exaltation of the Son, a new and final era commenced.