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Gen Epistles


[Click on the title to open an article]

  1. Hastening The Day - {PDF Copy} - (In the interim between Christ’s ascension and return, God has granted humanity the opportunity to repent)
  2. The Day of Visitation - {PDF Copy} - (Peter exhorts Christians to persevere in trials and live holy lives in the knowledge of the coming day of visitation)
  3. New Creation and Advent - {PDF Copy} - (The arrival of Jesus in glory will usher in the Day of the Lord, the final judgment, and the New Heavens and New Earth)

  1. The Last Hour - {PDF Copy} - (The presence of false teachers in the church demonstrates that we are in the last days, and the LAST HOUR is almost upon us)
  2. Spirit of Antichrist - {PDF Copy} - (The Antichrist is a deceiver intent on destroying the church through deception, apostasy, and if necessary, persecution)
  3. In the Churches - {PDF Copy} - (John labels false teachers in the church as antichrists, and their deceptive teachings confirm that the “last days” have commenced)
  4. Light and Life - {PDF Copy} - (Jesus is the only true light in the world that shines all the brighter in the darkness - this light means life for the world)