General Epistles


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  1. Second Coming Delayed? - {PDF Copy} - (The apparent delay in Christ’s coming is due to God’s mercy as He waits patiently for the Gospel of His Kingdom to reach all men)
  2. The Day of Visitation - {PDF Copy} - (Peter exhorts his congregations to persevere in trials and live holy lives in the knowledge of the coming day of visitation)
  3. Tribulation vs Wrath - {PDF Copy} - (Disciples escape God’s wrath, but they endure tribulation, and the Assembly has been appointed to tribulation – 1 Thessalonians 3:1-4)
  4. His Parousia - {PDF Copy} - (The arrival of Jesus will mean the resurrection of the dead, the commencement of the New Creation, and the final judgment)

  1. The False One(s!) - {PDF Copy} - (The presence of false teachers in the Assembly demonstrates that the period of the Last Days is underway)
  2. The Spirit of Antichrist - {PDF Copy} - (The Antichrist Spirit works to destroy the church from within, especially through deception propagated by deceivers and false teachers – 1 John 2:18-22)
  3. In His Assembly - {PDF Copy} - (John identified false teachers in the church as ‘antichrists’, and their deceptive teachings confirmed that the Last Days had commenced)
  4. Light and Life - {PDF Copy} - (Jesus is the only true light in the world that shines all the brighter in the darkness - this light means life for the world)
  5. Key Predicted Events - {PDF Copy} - (The Church has been plagued with deceivers and apostasy since its inception, just as predicted in the New Testament)

Acropolis Hill - Photo by Constantinos Kollias on Unsplash
[Acropolis - Photo by Constantinos Kollias on Unsplash]