27 March 2023

A Singular Event

The New Testament promises that Jesus will return to the earth at the “end” of the present age. His glorious “arrival…on the clouds” will result in the judgment of the ungodly, the resurrection and vindication of the righteous, the arrival of the New Creation, and the termination of death. Thus, it will be an event of great finality.

25 March 2023

Change of Law

The new priesthood after the order of Melchizedek inaugurated in Jesus means a CHANGE OF LAW. The letter to the Hebrews is structured around comparisons that demonstrate the superiority of the “word spoken in the Son” over past revelations “spoken in the prophets,” including Moses. Jesus surpasses even the Great Lawgiver.

24 March 2023

Let Us Draw Near

Disciples must hold fast to their confession and approach Jesus in boldness, especially in times of great need. After urging believers to enter God’s “rest,” the section concludes with a description of the powerful word of God, then returns to the subject of Christ’s priesthood. Believers must strive to enter His “rest” while the opportunity remains - “TODAY, hearken to His voice.”

Enter His Rest

The letter continues using the example of Israel’s rebellion in the wilderness to summon believers not to make the same error of unbelief and thereby fail to enter God’s “rest.” In the desert, Yahweh decreed that the generation of Israelites freed from Egyptian bondage would not enter the promised land. And so, disciples who fail to “hold fast the beginning of our confidence firm unto the end” will face a similar fate.

22 March 2023

Mercy and Enemies

The reality of persecution raises important questions. How should disciples react to hostility and opposition, especially when they are persecuted by the government? Should they resort to indignation, civil disobedience, and public protests, or ought disciples of Jesus emulate his example?

28 February 2023

From Plight to Solution

In Romans, Paul argues from plight to solution. The gospel is the “power of God for salvation.” Due to sin, two forces are at work – righteousness and wrath. In his Son, God provides salvation, the solution to the desperate plight of all men that is available to all on the same basis - “from the faith of Jesus.”