16 January 2023

Paul, Signs and Seasons

Paul does not provide a detailed outline of the signs and seasons that will precede the End. Instead, he exhorts disciples to live righteously now

Does the Apostle Paul instruct believers that they must understand the “times and seasons” so they may calculate the timing of Christ’s return? In fact, considering that Christ will arrive “like a thief in the night,” he exhorts the congregation in Thessalonica to live righteously as the “sons of the light,” and to “watch and be sober.”

12 January 2023

Good News for Everyone

The gospel of the kingdom announced by Jesus is a message of life for men and women of every nation

To his disciples, Jesus declared that “all authority in heaven and on earth is given to me, therefore, go and make disciples of all nations!” – And as the Lord over all things, he sends his disciples to proclaim his sovereignty and salvation to every nation, even to the “uttermost parts of the earth.”

03 January 2023

Rebuilding Social Barriers

For the church to insist on a Torah-observant lifestyle means the restoration of the old social barriers between Jews and Gentiles

The final paragraph of the third chapter of Galatians is pivotal to the argument. It stresses the oneness of God’s people. In the church, the old social divisions are inappropriate since the promised “seed of Abraham has arrived.

01 January 2023

New Creation and Advent

The arrival of Jesus in glory will usher in the Day of the Lord, the final judgment, and the New Heavens and New Earth

The Apostle Peter addresses the growing weariness of some Christians due to the apparent “delay” in the “coming” of Jesus, an open door for false teachers and critics to exploit. Instead of predicted terrestrial and cosmic upheaval, daily life continues as it always has.

28 December 2022

Revelation of our Lord

At the revelation of Jesus, the saints will experience glory, but the wicked receive everlasting destruction

The Apostle Paul labels the future return of Jesus as his ‘parousia’ (“arrival”), ‘erchomai’ (“coming”), or ‘epiphaneia’ (“manifestation”). But on two occasions, he also calls it his ‘apocalypsis’ or “revelation.”

27 December 2022

Day of Visitation

Peter exhorts Christians to persevere in trials and live holy lives in the knowledge of the coming day of visitation

Peter writes to Christians under pressure to conform to the expectations of the surrounding society. Their situation is not unique - they were members of a worldwide suffering community.