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His Distinguished Name

The Son achieved the “ purification of sins ,” and therefore, he qualified to “ sit down at the right hand of the majesty on high .” In this exalted position as the High Priest “ after the order of Melchizedek ,” he intercedes for his people. And he inherited a “ more distinguished name ,” namely, that of “ Son .” And in Chapter 1, the  Letter to the Hebrews  demonstrates that this “ Son ” and High Priest is vastly superior to even creatures as mighty and glorious as angels.

Exaltation of the Son

A key theme in  Hebrews  is the elevation of the “ Son ” to minister in God’s presence as the result of his sacrificial death. In his sufferings, he was “ perfected ,” and in his resurrection, God vindicated him by “ seating ” him at the “ right hand of the Majesty on high ” where he intercedes continuously on behalf of his “ brethren .” But the stress is not on his status as the king who reigns over the Cosmos, but on his present position as the merciful High Priest who ministers for his people from the “ throne of grace .”

Son Surpasses Moses

The  Letter to the Hebrews  next demonstrates the superiority of the  sonly word  by comparing it to Moses, Israel’s Great Lawgiver. Implicit in its argument is the priority of the “ word spoken in the Son ” over even the Mosaic legislation, and at this point in the Letter, the comparison is most appropriate. Moses certainly did mediate God’s law to Israel and was the greatest of the prophets. Nevertheless, the “ Son ” surpasses even him in status and glory.

His Supremacy

The  Letter to the Hebrews  is addressed to a congregation facing pressure from outsiders, and some members are contemplating withdrawing from the assembly and returning to the local synagogue. The Letter presents arguments for why doing so will have catastrophic consequences by stressing the superiority of the “ Word of the Son ” over the past revelations. The concern is pastoral, and the purpose is to prevent believers from leaving the congregation and apostatizing. And Hebrews urges them to remain faithful to the apostolic traditions.

God has Spoken!

The  Letter to the Hebrews  exhorts believers not to abandon Jesus when difficult times come by emphasizing the superiority and finality of what God has accomplished in His “ Son .” The word “ spoken ” in Jesus is superior to the earlier and preparatory revelations provided “ in the prophets .” The Letter does this by comparing the Levitical system with its incomplete provisions and repeated sacrifices to the “ better ” priesthood and “ once for all ” sacrifice of the “ Son .”